Issue with keep OneDrive for Business files

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If I select a file in OneDrive for Business for the local copy with keep file offline available, the file will be downloaded and the icon will change. But if I free up space, this file will also be deleted. Until recently, that wasn't the case. Does anyone have an idea why this is so?


This happens with different versions of OneDrive and different users.


Thank you for your help and best regards


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Do you mean this just started showing up? The feature is files on-demand, and it's an option in the one drive menu. It required a newer version of Windows 10, so it's possible some of your users have been upgrading Windows versions recently and activating it? 


I may be misunderstanding your questions all together :P. Let me know! 

Hi Chris,


we running the 1803 branch for Windows 10. We enabled files on-demand for all users and it works until beginning of december. Today we try it again during a end user training and it is not longer working.



If you go into the users not working onedrive settings, is files on-demand showing on there?

It is enabled by GPO.