Issue OneDrive MAC client SharePoint unable to access


Since a few days my co-worker has this really strange issue. 

She is owner of a couple of Microsoft Teams. And synced them to her Mac and Ipad


But once she opens the Library's or tries to open them in MSWord. See gets a credential cache issue which keeps popping up.

Online she can work on the documents but offline the issue exists. 


When i try to open an document of within word i can not open the SharePoint sites i see them but can not drill into the librarys.


I already opened a ticket for this within Microsoft(#17987357) but the support engineer is trying to do Windows commands on mac. And also reinstalled the mac to be sure it is not a system issue. Even did sent Logs to him.


It would really be nice if we can solve this issue. As the user is getting frustrated about Microsoft Products.


Please help!



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@Anam_Javed can you please help me with this issue? As I am not getting any steps further with support this case is already 2 weeks open!