Impossible to get support for OneDrive for Android

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Dear Microsoft OneDrive Team 

It seems impossible to get reactive hands on support for OneDrive for Android App.


You cannot open a support ticket via the support web pages specificially for the Android App as there is no category. 

The "report a problem" feature in the Android app is not helpful as no one can contact you and you cannot leave contact data 

You cannot upload Videos or Screenshots other than the one automatically taken but this does not show the issue. 


How can we solve this?



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The Report a Problem feature identifies you to Micrisoft support. It even says "By reporting a problem, you allow us to contact you..."

I have had a number of responses through this channel. You can upload additional screenshots etc when this happens.

Hi @Mike Williams thanks for reaching your helping hand.

Do you refer to Report a problem in OneDrive Android App?

I miss to see the options you named.

And that's the only Screenshot it will be attached

As soon you select report problem OneDrive will always take the Screenshot of the options which is not helpful for the cause. You cannot replace it or leave contact data. 


Is yours different here? 



OneDrive automatic Screenshot, no contact data can be given.OneDrive automatic Screenshot, no contact data can be given.

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Please read my first response to confirm that I already answered your questions:
.1. Yes that is the correct place
2. They know who you are from your account details, so you don't need to leave contact details
3. Additional screenshots can be uploaded when a ticket gets opened from your report.