I cant access my sharepoint

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I cant acces my sharepoint. 

I try connect to m***h-my.sharepoint.com but ı see "this site cant be reached" and "m***h-my.sharepoint.com's ıp adress could not be found"

Please help. I fear to lose my folders.

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Hi @eminilhan!

Try this link https://www.office.com/ You should see the OneDrive-icon there and be able to access your files.


Sorry, ı cant see that. I see a few my files but when ı click to anyfiles ı went to that link (m***h-my.sharepoint.com/****) and ı cant see my files because that link's server not working :)

I cant see sharepoint, one drive icon in office.com

It was happened again 2-3 months ago. I waited 2-3 day and it was fix. This time, ı waited more than eight day and it is not fix now.

My english is low. Thank you :)