How to install Onedrive for sharepoint 2016 with office proplus 365 installed

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We use sp 2016 and office 365 services. We have office pro plus from o365. How to install one drive business to synch docs in sp2016 please ?
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Is there no workaround to install one drive for business for sharepoint 2016 ?
Are we supposed to migrate our sharepoint 2016 to sharepoint 2019 ? Costly step...
There are two OneDrive sync clients. OneDrive for Business (Groove) and Microsoft OneDrive (Next Generation Syn Client (NGSC)). For SharePoint 2016, in able to sync files one would have to use Groove client which is not as robust as NGSC. That's the only option unfortunately.

The problem is that i can't install the groove.exe client after Office Pro PLus (Office 365)



  1. I installed Office Pro Plus (Office 365)
  2. I cant fin't groove for SharePoint 2016. I tried for SharePoint 2013 installation and it refuses saying a more recente office version is installed. 
  3. I tried OFfice 2016 installation too, nothing get installed

Source :


Screenshot for step 2 problem  : 



Thank you

I feel I need to :

  1. Uninstall office proPlus,
  2. Install groove.exe for SP2013,
  3. Change this regedit setting below to tell office ProPlus to DO NOT uninstall groove.exe,
  4. Install Office ProPlus


Regedit settings


Any advice ?

I see. Thank you for providing me with the background. I would suggest using to generate your configuration XML for Office 365 ProPlus. 



i've just tried that. But I unchecked onedrive Desktop.

No groove installed. I've tried to synch SP2016 one drive library, nothing happened.


I'm trying what i've said.

What version of Windows have you tried that with?


I've fixed it. I think MS One Drive (O365 Client), blocked installing Groove, so I've uninstalled Microsoft OneDrive (O365 client).


Then : 

  1. Reinstalled OneDrive Groove,
  2. then Office ProPlus,
  3. I reboot few time, because word / one drive were not showing in start menu, then after a while it worked 

Though in SP2016 sites or one drive, the IE Sync button do not suggest to sync to one drive, nothing happens.

I workaround this by adding the libraries manually in one drive business (right click on one drive for business, add new...). Probably I have javascript issue with IE.