How to get user wise ODB usage report?

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Is there any way that we can generate a userwise ODB usage report for each user only for Documents folder?


When we create any ODB site, how much default size is consumed?



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Not sure exactly what you are after but check out the 


OneDrive for Business usage report


and I'd recommend checking out the Office 365 Adoption content pack as well



Hi Cian

Thanks for quick response.


I already saw the O365 usage report , it will give the total usage report. What I am looking for storage used only for Documents folder.


Secondly I also asked whenever any ODB sites create, by default it added some standard default folder. What is the total size of this folder? I saw in usage report it is not consistent for 3 user we just created the size and no document is exist in Documents folder. Only some defaults folders are persent but total usage size and no of files are varying? It is very confusing.


Please advise

You can get this information from the Usage report for each SPO/ODFB site - add /_layouts/15/storman.aspx to the site name to access it. For example:


You cannot get this from a "centralized" location if that's your ask, you will have to use some CSOM based script or the API.

Alternatively, you could get this information with some PowerShell:

Thanks for sharing sample code of MS Gallery.


One question is still unanswered, that what is total default size of whenever any user oneDrive site is provisioned. Because I provisioned 2-3 user onedrive site, but by default total usage of size and no. of files are varying. They have not done any sync or uploaded any files.

Default storage is 1 TB per user and depending on the Office 365 plan, you can incremented it accordingly

I am not asking about default storage. I am asking about the default storage or space consumed after provosioning the OneDrive site,