How to exclude folder using SharePoint MIgration tool during migration

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Is there any way to exclude folder while ODB migration using SharePoint Migration tool?


I want to exclude desktop/Favorite folder.


I checked in SharePoint Migration tool, but did not found any option to exclude specific folder.


Is this possible?



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I think if you need to do this, you will have to look at doing the migration with the PowerShell cmdlets that are included as part of the SPO migration tool

I already tried these cmdlet but there is no option to exclude the folders.

Ok, then the only way I see to achieve this is by means of doing the migration using the CSV file option where you can specify the source path and the destination SPO Document Library:

@Juan Carlos González Martín I had a similar questions regarding the migration of a file share to ODB, but within the .csv file there is no option to exclude specific folders while using the SP Migration Tool. The option to specify the folder you want to migratie is for Sharepoint Library purposes only and not for a fileshare to ODB migration.

@rzeegers If you need the capability to exclude folders from the file server when migrating to OneDrive for Business check out the file migration tool Files To Go. It has support for excluding paths from the local file server. See the ExcludePaths column in the image below of a sample CSV import file.