How to display announcement on each users OneDrive for Business website?

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Hello, I want to display announcement for each user OneDrive for Business website. This can be done be in SharePoint site.


Is this possible in OneDrive for Business site and how?



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Not with the current ODFB UI. However this could change in the future

What is the use case for this announcement?


There are fewer and fewer ways to directly notify end-users in the context of the O365 tools. So service changes etc. will likely need to be communicated in alternative ways (company intranet, companywide emails, signs/posters, announcements in Yammer etc.)

HI Kewin


Thanks for reply. I agree this can be communicated with website, or email or newsletter etc. Curretly we enabled ODB for few users and we want to display the announcement for this limited users group.


In current scenerio, sharing feature is off, we want to display the message on users web site as "Currently Sharing is disbaled, will be available soon".


It looks like this is not possible now, hopefully MS will work on this later.