How to copy a shared file into my own OneDrive

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My problem is pretty simple, but Microsoft makes more complicated than it should be.


Back then my father made a shared folder where I could store my own stuff (let's call this folder A). Now he upgraded his package, so my profile also has a 1TB separate storage. Now my father asked me to free up his storage place by copying from folder A into my own storage place (let's call it B). 


The problem I don't a feature which allows copying from A to B. I really, really don't want to download all the stuff from A, then upload it to B manually. Where are we in the 1800s? In Google Drive it would be 2 clicks. This is the reason people choose Google Chrome over Edge all time. Or Google Drive over Onedrive. These kind of features are so low hanging fruits, but somehow Microsoft can't see this.


Anyway if somebody know a quick and easy solution please let me know, I would appreciate it. Also if a developer from Microsoft sees it please make this feature a priority (and also improve uploading. manytime I want to upload a file with a lot of subfolders and data it stops at the middle and I need to check manually which was uploaded and which should I upload again...and I have good internet connection and a very strong computer)

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You could just do a web search on "transfer between OneDrive accounts" or similar to get one of a million articles.

Since you've got access to the shared folder, just use the copy command inside OneDrive