How to automatically sync new SharePoint libraries with OneDrive

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Hello the community,


My question today may be related to this one: but it's not really the same question.


I would like to know if it's possible to have all SharePoint libraries (we have access to) synchronized with our OneDrive client, automatically.


I mean, let's say everything is perfect and the next week, i'll join an existing SharePoint group, with its SharePoint libraries. I DO NOT WANT TO go to the SharePoint project and click on Sync to add it to my OneDrive client.

I really would like end-users not doing this step every time they join a new SP Group.


I hope my question is clear enough and sorry if I did some English mistakes.



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I’m not aware of anything like this that makes this possible!

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@BastienMARTIN A good question would be "Why would you want to do that?"


I am a member of many many SharePoint sites, Groups and Teams. If what you say was implemented for me, then my OneDrive client would be busy trying to monitor and sync up to 200 TB of online content on every device I logged in with (at work and at home).

@Mike Williams 

We are in a little company, we do not have 200 TB of shared files.

The end-users are not very fluent with the Microsoft Business environment.

My need could be an option, disabled by default to avoid your situation (200 TB of files to sync).

But if there is no way to do that, I accept the situation.


Thank you very much for your replies and your help !

@BastienMARTIN You could try a tool like Zee Drive to map a network drive to your SharePoint Online. If you choose the "modern teams" connection option then Zee Drive will automatically map to any new modern teams that a user is made a member of.

If I'm reading your question correctly then this can be accomplished via group policy. However you can not stop the sync from your computer without disabling the policy.


Hope this helps.