How to assign a different user to a OneDrive when the original user left

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I have query that a user is left from the organization so that the user's OneDrive folder access now transferred to his manager for the retention time period. But the manager want to re-assign it to another person. What are steps to do this task?

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There's no supported way to do this, best copy the files. Or keep them in the original location and add the new user as secondary SC admin.

@Vasil Michev- Thanks for the response. Since the user is deleted from AD I cannot find the user through the Manage User Profile section as well from url = /layouts/15/TenantProfileAdmin/ManageUserProfileServiceApplication.aspx. If we can see the user in this location then we can change admins

But no way to retrieve this profile since it is deleted from AD

You can do it via PowerShell, as long as the site is still within the retention period (as in not deleted).