How long does OneDrive for Business keep Version History? How many Version?

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How long does OneDrive for Business keep Version History? How many Version?  OneDrive only saves for 30 days. I need to keep files indefinately.

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AFAIK, there is not a limit established in the number of versions per document you have in ODFB
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By default 500 versions are kept, you can confirm this using these instructions


Document Library Versioning Settings.png


According to this article, versions are kept indefinitely but once the limit is reached, older versions will be deleted automatically per this example:


"If your most recent version is 26.0 and you notice that there is no longer a version 1.0, it means that the administrator configured the library to allow only 25 major versions of a file. The addition of the 26th version causes the first version to be deleted. Only versions 2.0 through 26.0 remain. Similarly, if a 27th version is added, only versions 3.0 through 27.0 remain."


For the default setting, after the 501 version, if it ever got that high, this would delete the first version etc. 

@Cian Allner How about personal OneDrive accounts tho?

@mancerrssOneDrive will keep an older version of your files for 30 days.” This is for OneDrive personal version:



@Cian Allner 


Are you sure, this information is still valid for OneDrive?

I use Office 365 Personal and I have (Office) files, with version history older than 30 days. (several years old).


I heard, Office 365 Personal has a limit of 25 versions per file. But is it also limited in time?

Unfortunately without a business license, I cannot change the number of versions kept in history. 

I want to change from 25 to 2 because if I don't delete older history files, I'll run out of space soon.

@Cian Allner and CVeronesi


As far as I can tell are the file history not limited in time. For the Office 365 Single license, it seems to save up to 25 history versions. No matter how old they are.

And it seems, that they do not count to your size quota of the OneDrive.


For Business Accounts (E3) you can define how many history files you want to keep.


I hope, this helps.



Perfect, I appreciate the quick response.  Thank you!