How do I reduce the possibility of syncing entire sharepoint libraries with Files on Demand?

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I would like to utilize the new FOD feature in OneDrive for users OneDrives and also Sharepoint libraries.  One of the things I am concerned about is users right clicking Sharepoint library folders and selecting "always keep on this device" not realizing it will sync everything under that.  Is my only option at this point just good education for our users?  Or are there ways to help stop that through group policy or some other method?

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Turning off sync on large libraries is my thinking around it. Not because of tech, but because users..... at least until Files restore comes to SharePoint Online. I've seen users wipe out whole libraries thinking they are deleting their sync when they are syncing that deletion to the cloud.

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Did you ever get a solution to this, I have a client who has users doing exactly this with more than 70.000 files

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Yes, we had a user right click a large folder and chose "always keep on this device".  It filled up and crashed the C:\ drive.


I don't think you can disable sync at a Document Library level, only at a high level in the SharePoint admin center.  There is an option to show or hide the Sync button.