How can I confirm there are no documents in a terminated user's ODB?

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I have been asked to copy all files from a terminated employee's ODB into a SharePoint site. The ODB is still available, and I added myself as an Admin, but there are no files available. I find that hard to believe... I have Powershell scripts to run a report on deleted OneDrives, and to restore deleted OneDrives, but this ODB hasn't been deleted yet. I want to be able to tell the requester with conviction that there are no files!

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Did you check the recycle bin for the drive? The user may have deleted everything when they left.

Agree with Cary here and remember you have two levels in the recycle bin

Check the usage reports from the Security and compliance center(Audit log search). You would get an explanation if the user has deleted any files before leaving. As mentioned by Juan, check both the recycle bins.