Help Needed Please With Migration To OneDrive

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Can someone let me know if I am able to use OneDrive as per below.


I have one laptop that only I access and I have some business files on it's hard drive. When I go on holiday I take the laptop with me as I may need access to the business files whilst away. I worry about the safety of the laptop when on holiday - if it were to be stolen I'm sure a knowledgeable person could bypass my password and get at the files if they wanted.


To fix this problem I plan yo use my OneDrive business account - move all my business files from my hard drive and place them on OneDrive. From then on I will have no files on my laptop just in OneDrive and I will effectively use OneDrive as a hard drive in the cloud. I will access OneDrive anytime I wish to work with, edit or delete these business files. Any new files created will be saved to one drive directly.


I do not plan to sync folders from my laptop to OneDrive - simply to use OneDrive as a local hard drive (except its not local ) 


Would that work? I can access files when on holiday through numerous other devices and will not need to take laptop on holiday.


I understand I will always need internet access to work with OneDrive - thats not a problem

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Yes, you could totally do an online only onedrive. I use it quiet often for my personal files from work. Just don't configure your local sync client to talk and you're good to go.

Also, consider bitlocker for your local device, if you ever wanted to take your files on the go, bitlocker encrypts you're drive making it impossible for someone to get to your files unless they crack your password and if you have a strong password chances are low they can get to you're files. Without bitlocker or encryption of your drive you are right, someone gets your laptop they can just remove the hard disk and connect it to another computer and read right from it.

But anyway, to answer your question your scenario with using OneDrive will work great if you always have connectivity. Also don't forget, the OneDrive mobile app is fantastic for getting to files on the go as well :).