Help limiting the merciless grasp of OneDrive

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Hello- I just transferred files and apps to a new PC. Without any instruction, OneDrive sucked in data until it choked. I only want limited files syncing with OneDrive. Despite hours and hours of reading, listening, following instructions, and an exasperating phone call with tech support- I simply cannot choose specific files and folders and have OneDrive leave the rest of my machine alone.  I DO NOT want to buy into having all my data on Microsoft's cloud. Please, for the sake of all that's holy, can someone tell me how to stop the pain?

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@Jonathan_Klopman  We really need practical contextual information as to how OneDrive is set up on your machine.


Is it running Windows or Mac? Which Version? What is the path of your OneDrive folder? What are you trying to put into OneDrive, and what are you trying to keep out?


The default settings for OneDrive (on Windows) is a folder under your user profile, which is empty. So unless you've changed the defaults or turned on folder backup (which includes Documents, Pictures and Desktop folders), it will not "suck files into it". It's a passive file synching tool for the most part.