Help! Frustrated new 365 user!

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Hello all,


I realise my question may be very basic - I am new to one drive and have recently set one up for my company. I have shared folders with team members. They can access this online but it is not auto showing on anyones desktop one drive folder?


The app shows it is syncing fine and everything so really confused? Ive tried some online troubleshooting methods too.


Is it the way I am sharing? (links vs direct access?)

I also cant get my own one drive to sync with teams but thats a new problem for another board...!




Really appreciate any help. Pretty hopeless with all technology.


Thank you in advance.


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Only the user's own files in OneDrive are synced down to their computers, not the files that are shared with them from someone else's OneDrive.

@Cary Siemers Really! So not a Dropbox replacement? Wish I had known that before upgrading to business lol.

Thanks so much Cary, really appreciate it.

@Cary Siemers - That's not true any longer - you can now sync files "shared with me".  Simply go to the other user's OneDrive folder in browser and click "sync" button in top nav.

@asmaajm - you can now sync Teams at the channel level of documents.

@Lou Mickley 

Still very true. My tenant does not have that feature.

@Cary Siemers --- Hmmmm, that feature came out about 2 yrs ago in OneDrive for Business.  You don't have these 3 steps option?