Having a problem with microsoft.sharepoint.exe stopping another application

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I cannot start a video editing application (ripbot264.exe) as when it starts-up it gets stuck in a wait-chain, waiting on the Microsoft.SharePoint.exe process. Killing the process immediately allows the GUI to load.  This problem started a few days back - before that there was no issue.


I am running O365 on a Windows 11 pc (fully patched and updated) and OneDrive is set to run at start-up  "C:\Program Files\Microsoft OneDrive\OneDrive.exe" /background


Looking at Start-up Programs in Task manager it appear to be trying to add in instance of Microsoft.SharePoint.exe

(C:\Program Files\Microsoft OneDrive\24.045.0303.003\MicroSoft.SharePoint.exe) however the executable is not there, instead being in 24.050.0310.0001 - I am wondering if this is may be the cause of the problem


I have tried rebooting (soft and hard), running sfc /scannow (clean - no errors reported) , and running windows update, all without success.  


Can anyone suggest any further trouble shooting steps?


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Looks like the issue was caused by O365 having only partially updated One-Drive. Following another reboot, the faulty path (to microsoft.sharepoint.exe) has gone and the application is loading normally