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Hey there,

Possibly my google-fu is weak, but i've been struggling to find an answer to this.


Teacher at our school is wanting to guest share and have guest links he can grab for everthing inside a folder in his one drive, including sub folders and files in those sub folders.

To test I created a simplified structure in a reactivated ex-member of staffs onedrive and tried fiddling with that. Structure I set up is:


TestFolder 2

  -> Test Document 2.docx

  -> TestFolder 3

    -> Test Document 3.docx

    -> TestFolder 4

      -> Test document 4.docx


I think clicked the 3 elipses for Test folder 2, chose share, grabbed my name and another staff members name (all 3 of our accounts are members of the same organization) in the share with box, made sure 'Require sign-in' was unticked and 'Share everything in this folder, even items with unique permissions.' was ticked. Said OK.



I then went to one of the documents, clicked the 3 elipses and copied the link that shows up. Signed out of 365, closed web browser.

I then opened up the Onenote desktop application, pasted the link onto a page. When I open the link it asks me to sign in :(


Is there a way to share an entire folders contents so that the links that show up are guest access links?


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One the Modern View of OneDrive for Business Try this out:

1.Go to the test 2 folder; right click on it-Details.

2.Click on manage access on the right hand side menu that populates after 1.

3.Click on "Grant access"

4.Get a Link.

5.On the drop down select Edit no sign in required.

6.Copy this link and share it with the people youd like to share it with.


The catch:For anonymous links the URL would have something like

"/guestaccess.aspx?folderid=106f8636f63ff4931a8e4f6d473c2f740&authkey=AZO5GP8HVoPdGWWrR3earZc" this is the sort of a token used for guest access on the resource.


When you just go to a file like you did and copy a link that would eventually have no information on whether if this does have anonymous access and hence asking you for authentication.