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Hi All

I have seen various posts but all seem to be old on this subject.  Is it possible to add a global admin to one drive who can view users data, the same that is available in traditional file shares.


This is becoming more of a issue with the number of users we are adding and all are working remotely; one drive offers us the solution but not the security!! 


Any ideas as to how i can do this?





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By default no one but the user has access to their OneDrive, but a global or SharePoint admin can add themselves or someone else as a owner to that OneDrive site collection in the SharePoint admin center. There’s plenty of guides online to search for how to do this!

Regards / Adam

@Ian Maclauchlan 

What exactly is wrong with the security in OneDrive? Is it the users are unsure about how to Share items safely? 

In all the time my org has been using OneDrive I've never had to get access to a user's OneDrive. The only time I see their OneDrive is say via a Team's session (or visit to their desk) to see what it is they are having issues with.

@adam deltinger 

Thanks Adam bit of a pain having to do it per user profile but at least a solution,


Many thanks