Give another user access to a deleted user's OneDrive - turn off email notifications?

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  1. When ownership of a deleted user's OneDrive is transferred to the user's manager, will it then be possible to turn off the email notifications for the manager?
  2. Would it be possible just to have a secondary owner / or to have email notifications sent only to the the secondary owner?

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The notifications are sent in order to remind you that the data will soon be deleted and that you should take action on this, I don't believe there is a way to disable them. A secondary owner can be configured, but it is only assigned when the managed cannot be determined. If the user has a manager defined in AAD, he will be assigned as owner and will get the notifications.  

Thank you for your replies @Vasil Michev and @jab365cloud.


@jab365cloud - We would like to have the possibility to access the deleted user's OneDrive, without confusing managers with the email notifications. Preferably only global admins, who could provide access to managers on request. So unfortunately turning off access delegation won't solve the issue.

You can remove access delegations and give admin or other users access the OneDrive when needed by adding them as site collection admin to the user OneDrive.

To avoid managing Individual sites, you can add your support team's security group as secondary Owner to all OneDrive sites. 


In SPO admin center, for OneDrive\Mysite host web app under User Profiles -> Set up My Sites -> My Site Secondary Admin