getting more GB redeeming my points

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How can you get more GB redeeming your points

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Do you mean Microsoft points and getting more space on OneDrive?

Below are possible answers to your question, if not you could possibly rephrase your question.


Microsoft Rewards:

Once you have enough points, eligible rewards will become visible on your Rewards page.
>Save up for a big item, and spend your points on smaller rewards along the way.
>Be sure to redeem your rewards points in the same region you signed up in.
>Do not use a VPN while trying to redeem points.
>When redeeming points, use a mobile or landline phone number for authentication and not a VoIP phone number.


To get storage space in OneDrive:

To get more storage space in OneDrive, you can use several methods. One of the ways is to subscribe to a Personal plan of Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365), which gives you an entire terabyte of additional storage space.



>If you have a subscription to the Microsoft 365 Family (formerly known as Office 365 Home), you get 6 TB (!) of OneDrive storage - 1 TB for each of the maximum of six users that are part of the plan.


>Another way is to subscribe to Microsoft’s OneDrive 100 GB plan, which is a cheaper and more affordable solution to significantly upgrade your OneDrive capacity.


>You can also check your OneDrive storage space using the built-in OneDrive app on Windows 10 or by visiting the OneDrive website


These are general steps and might vary based on the specific platform or service you’re using. If you could provide more details about where you want to redeem your points, I could provide more specific instructions.



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