Folders appear shared on personal OneDrive

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Hi everyone,


I have an issue where all folders on my personal OneDrive display the the folder icon as shared, as seen on the screetschot attached.


Folders in Libraries (group) do not show this icon, which would make more sense to me since I share content there with another member of the organisation (the only other member of the organisation, at that).


I sync my OneDrive to three places: 1) laptop, 2) iPhone, 3) iPad and can't recall sharing anything at all from my user.


Any idea what can cause this or is it just a bug? I just want to make sure there's not a loophole somewhere in my permissions that I'm missing due to my limited experience with OneDrive.


I'm wondering if it's something to do with permissions on a more "global" sharepoint scale, which is if that's the case, out of my expertise.


Thanks in advance,





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Bumping this in hope of a resolution.


I've dug deeper into this with my limited experience and from what I can tell my personal OneDrive seem to have unique permissions tied to the document library that are inherited.


However, when I try to delete the unique permissions sharepoint only redirects me to a error page as attached. (Translation: "Something went wrong. An unexpected error occured").


Is there a possibility to "reset" the permissions globally somewhere else? Or do you see any other solution to it?


EDIT: Added another screenshot (permissions.jpg) of the result of "Control permissions" for my personal OneDrive that might supply some insight.

Hi @Threetrees,


Can you select a folder that is showing up as shared and check what shows up in the Manage Access experience? You can do this by selecting the folder, right clicking on it and then selecting "Manage Access". Thanks!

Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

Hey@Stephen Rice and thanks for your response,


I have trouble finding a matching option to "Manage access". Maybe because my windows is in swedish, but I really can't find an option that would translate correctly. I've attached a screenshot - is it any of these dialogue boxes you had in mind?




Hi @Threetrees,


Ah, I'm sorry! I didn't realize you were looking at this in Windows. To get to this in Windows, you'd right click, select "Share" (with the OneDrive icon). There is a "..." menu in the upper right, select that and click the one option. 




Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

@Stephen RiceThank you, and apologize for the late reply.


Attached you'll find what it looks like in "share.jpg".


However, I notice now when clicking around that my personal Microsoft account that I use on my laptop is set as owner when looking at advanced security settings. Could this have something to do with it?


I was duped into creating a MS-account upon OOTB setup and learned only recently that it's not really required.

Hi @Threetrees,


Thanks for posting your screenshot! I'm definitely perplexed as it's showing that the file is private except for your own OneDrive account. I think your best bet here is to contact support and work with them to troubleshoot further. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive



Hi I saw your issue.


When you navigate to your OneDrive online do you see at the end Shared or Private (uppdelad av privat)


When you see shared, and you click on this do you see in the new menu with who this folder has been shared?


Maurits Knoppert

Hi and thanks for your respone Maurits,

It says "Private", none show as shared.