Folder Sync using OneDrive for Business

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I'm running ODfB version 2016 (Build 17.3.6743.1212) and when I sync a new Group team site it appears differently in File Explorer then it does in the 4 employees that I have tested it out.  On my computer it has the company name and under that folders for the different site pages I'm syncing.  In other staff it just says SharePoint and then under that it has the name of the SharePoint site with the folders listed under that.  


Also, when it performs the sync, I'm given the option to sync the various folders (I could synce 1 or I could sync 50).  Other users are not given that option and are forced to sync everything which because a space issue because it won't sync the entire site/folder.   We are all running the same version of ODfB and this behavior is the same on machines running Windows 10 and in different browsers.  


Anyone have any clue why this is happening?   One other thing, myself and one other person are both on first release but he is not seeing the same thing I'm seeing so it can't be related to first relase of anything.  

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It sounds like you do not have Use New Client enabled for the organization and are relying on the preview registry bit to control new sync client usage.

The SharePoint node is an indication that those users are still using the older Groove based client.

Have you reviewed this doc and enabled the new client at the organization level?

You were correct I didn't have the new sync client enabled.  However, I have since enabled it and some staff are syncing properly, but others are still seeing the SharePoint icon and aren't able to select which folders to sync.   This is preventing them from syncing because of size restrictions.   Do you know why this would happen?  I checked their OneDrive sync client and they aren't using Groove.exe.