Folder Redirection to OneDrive Sync Folder - Problems between PCs or after rebuild

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We're currently looking at deploying OneDrive for business on Windows 10 with folder redirection and are seeing mixed success depending on the different user scenarios. 


If a user is tied to a specific machine, the whole ADAL configure (auto setup), folder redirect and data migration process is seamless and works every time a user logs on. However, we start getting into trouble when we emulate a scenario where a user starts using a different PC than they would do normally, or if their computer needs to be rebuilt. 


When the two latter scenarios happen, we're finding that OneDrive will randomly rename the redirected folder names found online within OneDrive to Desktop.bak and Documents.bak or in some cases, Desktop."Computer-name", Documents."Computer-name". This then means, the new machine they start using has no visibility of their folder content unless they access OneDrive online exclusively. Are there any specific requirements, considerations required when using Folder Redirection with OneDrive across multiple endpoints/after a rebuild?


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So, without knowing for sure which redirection method you're using, I decided to test your scenario using a 'Enrollment Manager' enrolled intune device (so it's not bound to specific users) and tried to log in with different non-admins. Worked fine, no issues with redirection.


I used my own Powershell script deployed to the relevant users to get redirection to work: so I can't compare with if you're, e.g. using Group Policy