Folder Redirection Event Log error

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We are using a GPO to implement folder redirection on new Windows 7 computers. The event log shows "Failed to apply policy and redirect folder Documents to "%OneDriveSync%\Documents". Error details, "The specified path is invalid".


Everything looks good to us, does anyone have any suggestions about how to troubleshoot?

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What is the Event ID?


Are you following this support article?

I found the described procedure to be very stringent: are you varying something, perhaps?

Yes, that is the article we are using. Our only change has been to select the "Move the contents of Documents to the new location" setting. This is for new users who have not used ODfB so changing that settings should be ok and would not be causing this type of problem.


That article does not mention anything about various operating systems. Is there any reason that it would need to be changed for different versions of Windows?


@Patricia Hendricks Balik can you offer any insight?

I have followed it with success for Windows 10.

I've never tried with Windows 7, though...

Found the problem, typo %\OneDriveSync% instead of %OneDriveSync%.

Thanks for offering your assistance.