Five user minimum for 5TB / unlimited storage

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I have users on OneDrive for business (Plan 2) and set up with 5TB each storage space. I wany to upgrade a single user to O365 Enterprise E3. Is it possible to mix eligible licenses and still maintain 5 user minimum?

Meaning, can I have a single O365 E3 and 4 ODFB plan 2 license and still maintain 5 user minimum?
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Yeah, E3 also includes this plan with "unlimited storage" so you should be covered!

According to this ( you need a minimum of 5 users to be eligible for unlimited storage.


"The following plans provide unlimited personal cloud storage for subscriptions with five users or more."

Yeah, but E3 includes OD plan 2 so you basically have 5 still
That's what I hoped but couldn't find it in the fine print. Actually, couldn't find the fine print either...

Logically, this sounds correct but wasn't sure the software would interpret the same way.

Does anyone know for sure?