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for the first time ever we noticed that the OneDrive NGSC client (19.086.0502.0006) produces duplicate folders with the computer name appended. We've known this for files when there's a sync/version conflict and the client's settings menu let's a user specify whether to attempt to merge or keep both files. However, this time it has occurred for folders only in a document library. We have multiple folder duplicates with multiple computer names. So far we have no idea what's causing this.

Does anybody know under which circumstances and by which logic the OneDrive client creates those folder duplicates and synchs them to a document library?



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Are you using OneDrive to sync shared folders?

Please run the OneDrive troubleshooter


Thank you


Hi@Deleted, thanks for your response. Unfortunately, the troubleshooter does not work, I can't execute it on Win10 1709 (tried on multiple machines). When you speak of "synching shared folders", are you referring to any folder in a document library with unique permissions? I checked a folder that carries the computername extension but it doesn't have unique permissions. Its parent folder however has.


I should also point out that the contents of the folders are not duplicated, only the folder itself. For example, the original folder "Meetings" now has several copies, such as "Meetings-ssdf245", "Meetings-ssdf333" and so on. The contents of the original "Meetings" folder are spread across those duplicates meaning that for example "Meetings-ssdf245" contains "File1", "Meetings-ssdf333" contains "File2" and the original "Meetings" folder contains "File3".


This is so weird and we cannot figure out what's causing it and what logic it follows. What we think to have determined though is that it is not a re-occurring event. All changes seemed to have happen yesterday within a couple of hours.


I also suspected that the site collection might have run out of storage but not so.


Any more ideas? Thanks.