Files on Demand "Folder in use"

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I have started using the new OneDrive "Files on Demand" sync engine, great idea, but I have started to experience an issue. Opening Microsoft Office applications is fine but opening PDF's or saved email messages causes an issue where the file is trying to open but OneDrive is still downloading the file so I get a Windows Explorer issue saying "Folder in use". If you click cancel then re-open the file there is no issue. Is there a way to put a delay in place so it will not open the file until OneDrive has finished downloading the file?

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I suppose a way to avoid this is to use the 'Always keep on this device' option on the files or subfolders in question.  That way it's downloaded already and shouldn't trigger this issue.

Thanks for the suggestion. Luckily the library is small and the device will be able to store it. My concern is devices that do not have enough storage to hold the libraries.