Files copy/paste from onedrive to another folder : fies are corrupted

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I'm very stressfull on my issue, so many thanks for your help.

I put a several personnal files into my old personnal business onedrive folder. I left the company and now I tried to open my files.


Details :

1) I copied the folder onedrive (all files) from onedrive business to another disk (same personnal computer)

2) I disconnected the onedrive sync

3) Now I don't have anymore access to the my business onedrive (I left the company)

4) I tried to open the files but they are 'corrupted' 

examples of the issue : 




The size of the files seems good but I think there is a lock or something like this 



Do you an idea how can I restore my files ?





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You we're probably using files on demand, which put breadcrumbs in place of actual files. If this was the case and onedrive was disconnected, you are only getting those breadcrumbs which will only work when connected to OneDrive.

Unfortunately this seems the case and you can't get to the files without access to your actual OneDrive.
Right click the file and compare the Size on Disk vs. the Size, if those don't match that's probably the case.

HEllo @Chris Webb ,


thank for your help.

The size seems good, I mean for a picture it's 5 MB so I think the file is still good.

I double check my account has been revoked / deleted no more chance to connected it.


Is there another way ?



I still bet it was originally still files on demand placeholders that just filled in data or something. Had very similar problem with someone in HR that their OneDrive sync location with Files on Demand turned on and the Sync location just stopped syncing out of the blue one day. Files were there, but couldn't open them. I don't recall what the size of the documents showed post de-sync. But same issue. I don't think you're gonna be able to recover from it. Files that were locally synced will probably still work, so you might find it where some work but not all?
Hi Chris,
Thank for your return.
Cannot find the original store due to I clean and delete it the onedrive folder and the recycle bin is empty :'(
I just have my files front of my eyes with the right size but cannot open them, it's terrible !