Files and FOlders are disappeared in OneDrive for Business

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I copied some of the files and folders are 2-3 weeks back. I noticed all the files and folders are exist day before yesterday. Suddenly files and foldes are disappeared today from ODB folder as well as from the site. When I see recycle bin, all the files and folders are exist. 


I am not using any other device or any other laptop/desktop. I am using only 1 laptop. No one can access my laptop. I have not change my credentials as well.


I dont have any Personal OneDrive. I am using Windows 7 and ODB client version is 2016 (Build 17.3.6943.0625)


Any idea how the files and folders are deleted or disappeared ?


What could be the cause?


It is very painful if you want to restore each file especially if you have 3000-4000 files. Because there is no "Restore All Items" feature.



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You can check out the audit logs in order to find out how/when the files were deleted:


As to "restore all", a similar functionality is coming in the future, as announced at Ignite last week.

Hi Vasil


Glad to hear that "Restore All" is in roadmap. Any idea whne this will be rolled out?


I checked in audit log as well, it is showing same timestamp and name as appearing in recycle bin. Any other thing I need to check?


Is there any website or blog


Well you can always open a support case and have it investigated properly.

Is there any blog or web site, where MS published all those features which are microsoft announced in ignite event?