File visibility within Delve. Is there any adjustment?

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For a while now, i have been aware of the 'Delve is just a window' motto around what files the app displays.


The current situation is, every ODFB account is unique, with only singular file sharing existing in certain accounts. However, Dive into Delve and navigate users, and files pop up, some restricted, some free to enter.


No 'Everyone' groups exist. No blanket sharing accross large groups. Can this not be changed to only show SPO Doc Lib data? It seems 'All or nothing' for Delve/Graph..... should Admins not have a little more of a say?


Would be great to here some productive thoughts on this (trust me, nobody wants to disable Graph)


All the best


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Short answer: No, it cannot be changed what information Delve can can disable / enable Delve and the use of the Graph, but you cannot make a granular configuration such as the one you have described

I thought this was the case. I am sure there is a logic behind this.


However, in an environment in where document storage overlaps like 1D4B & SPO, something like that would surely be a positive?


Especially there are more and more articles showing business disabling Delve due to more than just 'user fear'