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We are trying to understand if there is a way that we could block specific file types in being uploaded into OneDrive for business.  Not sure we see an option on the admin center similar to the list of blocked file types we could manage on premise via the SharePoint Central Administration site.  Would this be perhaps done through powershell?  Thanks!

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Yes! From the admin portal go into the onedrive admin portal! Here you can set restrictions regarding file types!!
AFAIK, file types allowed to be uploaded in SPO and ODFB cannot be configured...only Microsoft can do it
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Sure? There is settings for this , although haven’t tried them..
Also ms doc claims you can?

Pretty sure Juan is right here, that setting is to prevent you from syncing the documents from your computer over, doesn't really restrict the file type itself from being uploaded to the web version of onedrive directly ;).


The file restriction for SharePoint / OneDrive is a web application setting which we don't have access to in the cloud, so you can't technically restrict files with that setting. 

Yes!! He is! This is of course a syncing prevention of that specific file type from the device! Nothing else!
Correct, I was referring about the possibility to block additional file types so usersd cannot upload them through the UI and unfortunately this is not possible and this is why: file types allowed in SPO are configured at the Web Application level in SharePoint, something we cannot do in SPO ;)
Yes, of course Juan

So to sum it up: not possible to prevent through UI, only when uploading when using sync from/to your device!

The setting does not prevent downloading when syncing of those file types if they already exist in onedrive


Thank you all for the response.  So for example lets say I have a file locally on my machine and like to move it to OneDrive for Business but I do it through File Explorer as it has mapped already my OneDrive I could do a drag and drop or copy and paste (I would not using the web site/UI and clicking Upload>File to execute that action.  In the even that we decide to try this file type syncing block,  will that mean that I will not be able to drag and drop or copy and paste locally a blocked type file to OneDrive via File Explorer? Thanks!

Yes, exactly! It will take in affect when you sync the file , not uploading it via UI

No, Not quiet exactly :).

You will still be able to drag the file into OneDrive via file explorer, you will just get a sync error on the file and it won't allow it to sync to your OneDrive instance! So at a file system level the file will copy. OneDrive just won't sync it up. 

Sorry if i was unclear!! Its the sync that’s affected
I knew what you meant, and you wern't exactly wrong per say :), just he did ask if they could drag to the folder, which you still can, it just gets a little unhappy when you do it!
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Sure? There is settings for this , although haven’t tried them..
Also ms doc claims you can?

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