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Hi all,

since sometimes my ODFB guest links (view only) are not 24/7 accessibles ("there is a problem message" page or other issues), our boss asked me if it would be possibile for a group of colleague to access these guest link in case of my abscence. All the files are in my onedrive for biz.

Is this possibile ?

DELVE ? SHAREPOINT search page ?



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Hi Stefano,


The guest links you are currently using should be work 24/7. Can you reliably reproduce the "there is a problem" error page?


If you would like a colleague to have access via some method other than an anonymous access link, you can also share to them from the details pane and clicking the "add people" icon. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Hi Stephen,

sorry, very late reply.

ok I'll try to monitor the situation and report problems, eventually.

My question is if a standard behaviour can be set in order to make all external links "autoshared/visible" among our tenant colleagues.

Ok I understand your procedure, but it would be a little long/boring.

TKS, Stefano

Hi Stefano,


What do you mean by "autoshared/visible"? Where are you expecting your colleagues to see the resource? Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

The situation is as follows.

In our Office we are only 6 O365 users.

In case we need to share/collaborate to internat docs there are no problem, very easy to manage !


We are a national Association and have almost 170 associated companies with which we mainly dialogue via email. I beleieve O365 is not widely adopted...probably big company yes but SME not all.... so in case of sending attachs to external companies there is no other way than send them GUEST LINK. not very flexible, but works.


Question: Our boss asked if there is a way or a place (in ODfB o Sharepoint ?) to automatically view the list of ALL (or just recent) GUEST LINKS I send out to external companies. Since sometimes these GUEST LINKS could be broken, it could be useful for the BOSS to quickly retrieve these shared files (also in case I and my PC are not at work) and send them out again.


Thanks, Stefano

Hi @Stefano Conti,


If you enable auditing in the Compliance center, you can use the audit logs to see all anonymous links that have been created in the last 90 days (effective after auditing is enabled). Give that a try and let me know if it works! Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II