File Explorer slow in Onedrive Folders

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Hi all

I'm using the latest version of Onedrive together with an updated Windows 11 and FSLogix (latest version) with Office profile disks.

When using the file explorer to open folders from onedrive folders in the middle pane, it takes 10-20 seconds till the next window opens.

When navigating in the same file explorer window but with the left treeview, everything is fast.

When opening a file from within Word, Excel, ... with the popup file explorer, everything is fast.

So the issue is only when clicking in the main window of a file explorer.

I've done already all the updates, sfc, dism, reinstalled Onedrive, ...

The issue is with all users.

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I am also experiencing this issue!


Did you find a solution? I think it is a onedrive/windows11 issue. I did a reinstall in Windows 11, same issue. Did exactly the same in Windows 10 everything is very smooth!

@sddt5 No, I haven't found a solution.  But I think you are right! I think this happened around the time I updated my Windows to 11.

Try unlinking OneDrive then restarting the computer and then reconnect OneDrive to your account.
Are you using iCloud?
Yes. I’m not sure what’s causing the periodic issue. It could possibly be System Mechanic. The unlinking of One Drive then rebooting the computer removes the problem (until it happens again)

@sddt5 Hi. Has anybody found a solution? I have the same issue, but deconnect OneDrive and rebooting again does not help for me. I use now a third party file manager instead of the windows file explorer, since it only slows down there. But that can´t be the solution, right?

@Jackboxx Uninstall anything related to iCloud (iCloud drive, etc.)

Hi, no not yet, I'm not using iCloud so that could not be the issue. Finally we reverted back to Windows 10 and everything is fine now.

@sddt5 oh ok, good to know. Than I stay with my alternative finder application for now. I try to avoid going back to Win 10. 

Not sure about that. I really like to have the iCloud stuff for syncing my calender to Outlook. Even though it could be better, but to not have it at all scares me.

@sddt5Switched back to windows 10 because of this. 1/2 years later still the same issue? This isnt a joke right?


I think Im gonna skip W11.



Has anyone found solution to this ? I recently upgraded to Win 11 and the Onedrive synched folders open very slow. Clean install of Win 11 also didn't help. Didn't have this problem in Win 10

I was able to overcome the problem by sequentially uninstalling then re-installing apps and software until I found the one program that was causing the problem. The program that was causing the problem was one of the utility programs that I was using to automatically clean and update my computers and Windows 11. Unfortunately, I don't recall which program was the one causing the problem.   @Srikanth655 

I have the exact same problem with Windows 11 Home (22631.2050) and Onedrive (23.149.0718.0001). It drives my crazy!



Same here.  Just started a couple of days ago.  After i removed icloud, then uninstalled OneDrive, then rebooted, then reinstalled OneDrive (from MS website ... ie: NOT the MS Store OneDrive app!) everything started opending fine again without the 10-20 second delay everytime I access a folder or file.  I did have to wait 10 minutes or so until OneDrive had synced a sufficient number of folders and files, but seems fine now ... exactly as before.

@brnsdv I am experiencing the same issue and have uninstalled iCloud and OneDrive, restarted the computer, but this has not fixed the issue.  If I uninstall iCloud, this issue goes away.  I need to have iCloud installed for contacts and calendars in Outlook, so I need both to co-exist.


I had a similar issue about 6 months ago and one day, it just started to work as expected. 


Any insight on what might be causing this would be much appreciated.



Looks like we have different setups.


I use my Microsoft account's email address for Contacts and Calendar.  For my email, I use my ISP's email address and added it to Outlook.  This way I don't need iCloud at all.  iClud is slow and unreliable IMO, and has been that way for years (I have tried to use it for years).  I got fed up so I switched to the config I just described.  I also use an iPhone and iPad with this config and it works flawlessly for email, Contacts, and Calendar.  (A Microsoft tech suggested this approach a couple of years ago and it has fixed all of the issues I had before when I used iCloud in the manner you're describing.  There is no reason why Apple and Microsoft really care about having iCloud on a PC work well ... both companies have their own business models and don't want to invest in supporting cross-platform integrations like iCloud.)  If you have a paid Microsoft Office subscription then you can talk to a Microsoft rep about getting the same setup as I have.  I'll never go back to iCloud ... I've tried and tried and as I said, there is no reason either company wants it to work well.)


Hey there,

I have the same problem since some months and I think I found what solved it for me.

I am using windows 10 and some months ago I installed Autodesk Desktop Connector.

Tryed to uninstall it some minutes ago and now explorer seems to work definitely faster while operating inside Onedrive folders.


Hope it helps!