External sharing - Sync with NGSC - but not syncing "personal" files

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Hi everyone,


we are NOT using O365 (yet) but some of our colleagues were invited to an O365 SharePoint Online Site. So they wanted to sync the Workspace. That did not work because we set the switch "Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage".

Now i've set this to "not configured" and started the OneDrive.exe manually.

It updated itself and then asked me for an emailaddress. As the user has only a "personal MS Account" he would like to sync with this one. But we do not allow this as we are a german based company and do not want any data in US clouds.

So .. is it possible to sync a SharePoint Online site with an external account without allowing personal syncing?


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It is not possible at all to sync a Sharepoint doclib with an external account. Only internal users can sync.

Sorry that's not right.

If the external user is a member of the site he could sync the site with the old OD4B Client.


I checked the user (it is an external/personal user) and also checked the sync connection.



And i've seen this before. 

It could be, but in this thread we are specifically speaking about NGSC and not about Groove, sorry.

This was mentioned on one of the Ignite sessions, the team has it in the backlog. You can help prioritize by voting on UserVoice: