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In my tenant I have an issue where my, and only my OneDrive is blocked from sharing using Shareable (Anonymous) links.  The tenant is configured to allow external sharing.  SharePoint is configured to allow external sharing.  OneDrive is configured to allow external sharing, and I even checked my OneDrive site collection and its SharingCapability setting is ExternalUserAndGuestSharing.  Yet, with all of that, I am blocked from External sharing, but others are not.  Very odd.


What setting am I missing?

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Yes, very odd and everything seems to be correct in regards of sharing settings. I recommend you to open a support ticket so they can evalaute if they can find something in your ODFB...by the way: Is there any configuration you or your admin could have applied in the Compliance and Admin Center in regards of DLP?

@David Broussard,


In the classic SharePoint Admin Center, there is a setting that allows you to restrict anonymous sharing to only users in a selected security group. Can you share anonymously from other sites or is it just your ODB? If it's the former, then that setting is probably on.


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I checked that setting and it is not restricting by group.  I was able to create a brand new site collection and then enable external sharing on it and my account can create anonymous links, so there is that which was a mistake originally.


It seems to be restricted to my OneDrive only.  What is really odd is that I pulled the OneDrive settings via PowerShell for my OneDrive and for another account that can share Externally and they match perfectly.


SharingCapability : ExternalUserAndGuestSharing
SiteDefinedSharingCapability : ExternalUserAndGuestSharing

DisableCompanyWideSharingLinks           : NotDisabled

SharingDomainRestrictionMode : None
SharingAllowedDomainList :
SharingBlockedDomainList :
ConditionalAccessPolicy : AllowFullAccess

DefaultSharingLinkType : None
DefaultLinkPermission : None


These settings are the same for both OneDrives.  Really odd.  

OK, figured out the issue. It was actually that the file had a Label applied to it, that prevented external sharing. Alas, it wasn't easily apparent from the web interface that the label was applied. Probably need to add that.

Thanks @David Broussard, glad you figured it out! I'll make sure to pass the feedback along to the team. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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