Extending the expiration date for OneDrive for Business

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Good day,

In our organization, we use OneDrive links with the "Anyone" sharing option. According to our policy, these links expire after 90 days. In the past, it was possible to reactivate the link after its expiration and extend its availability for another 90 days. However, in the current version, this approach no longer seems to work: the link is no longer accessible after it expires.

Is this function now gone or can it be found elsewhere? I hope someone can say something about this.


Thanks a lot



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@Johannes Geisler 

OneDrive for Business doesn't natively support the reactivation or extension of "Anyone" sharing links after they have expired. Once a link has expired, it's typically no longer accessible, and you would need to create a new sharing link if you want to continue sharing the content....so far i know :smile:


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