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We're looking at enabling external sharing from OD4B, and the expiry of links has raised a couple of questions.

  1. If we set the expiry, does this affect all links, both internal and external?
  2. I presume that a document is still shared, only the link no longer works, so internally, a file listed under shared with me will still be available?
  3. I think not, but would like confirmation that the setting does not carry over into SharePoint online.


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If i remember correctly expiration is only applied to anonymous links. In that case a user can only access a file via such link and it shouldn't be accessible after the expiration.

It’s external links! Internal don’t expire!
It applies to both sharepoint and onedrive

I assume nr2 won’t work either! The “shared with me” is still just a link to the persons onedrive who shared the file with you
1. It affects all anyone links.
2. If they are internal using an anyone link and they are logged in when clicking the document (If it's still not expired) then they basically become "Specific user" at that point, so they can then access the file from "Shared with me" direct link etc. However, they won't be able to use the link itself if it was posted somewhere or in an e-mail after it expires.
3. The setting is global to SP and OneDrive.

Based on my experience and testing "Anyone" link can't be opened if you are logged in with an Office 365 account (or MS account). It shows an error. Anyone links are meant to be opened by a neutral Guest user, which only works if you are not logged in anywhere. To share to anyone in the organization one has to use "People in _organization name_". Such link won't have an expiration and will work when being opened with a logged in Office 365 user (well, it won't work without being logged and will as to login).

You've got something going on with that. I've always been able to use Anon links with others inside the org, they use it all the time without issues, logged in or not. If they are logged in they get extra features for opening in client etc. and also tags the users as "Viewing" / "Editing" the documents and all that.

It can be some setting causing this, though i can't think of one. It happened on many occasions (usually when someone creates a link to send to external user and then wants to make sure it works and sends the URL to a colleague and it doesn't work, unless that user logs off from Office 365 (also deletes cookies as it will remember you tried to open that link with that user)). At first i thought they were sending the URL from the address bar, not the sharing link, but direct link to OneDrive, but our users only use Windows client most of the time and when i tested it happened to me also. It was a few months ago, maybe something changed. Can't test now as i don't work there anymore.



I know this is an old question but my information might be helpful for others reading this topic.

The OneDrive link share expiry feature is based on the date set by the owner of the file. If I set the expiry date on 15 days from now then the link gets expired.

But many people like to set expiry based on number of clicks. But the feature is absent. But it can be accomplished by third party online temporary expiry link generator like https://expiry.link 


I hope OneDrive adds this feature built-in. Thank you.