Excessive data usage

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We have 600 GB of data stored on OneDrive for Business, but I sync only two folders of 1gb to my local drive.  The problem is that, when I add even one small file to the drive, task manager shows continuous data usage for OneDrive, for hours on end.  The data is all being received, but there is obviously no files syncing to my local drive, since I added a file. The new file that I have added, only gets uploaded after hours of continues syncing, making it impossible to quickly share a file with another user. The same problem is experienced by at least three other users, consuming large amounts of data. This problem makes OneDrive completely unusable, and when we are on metered connections, it is very costly.  I have not noticed this behaviour on the Personal OneDrive client, is there anything we can do to resolve this?We are all using Windows 10, with all the latest service packs applied and OneDrive for Business client version 17.3.6816.0313.

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I'd imagine just syncing the list of files can take a lot of usage, given the 600 GB. I guess you can use tools like ProcMon to capture what exactly is happening, or simply test with some account with smaller ODFB size?

Thanks for the reply, I also though it must be because it's indexing the entire storage space, I'm not sure how often that happens. If this continues, I'll look in deeper