Error showing "Share by you" page in ODfB




I have a user at work who has this error when trying to view the files they have shared with others - 

"Cannot read property Email of null". Presumably this is due to a missing attribute or similar on the list of people they have shared with although not sure how I'd look into that. Has anyone else seen this/found a fix/could MS raise it as a bug report? Any ideas besides "raise a support ticket" (my next step)?





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@CoasterKaty I can't yet offer any help, other than to say that the issue is not isolated.  I'm experiencing the issue with a client at the moment, not all users affected.  We've got a ticket open, i'll keep you posted.

@TimHayward - I am also getting the same error for one of our client. Let me know if you have any update.

I am able to resolve the issue. 


The data on this tab is coming from a query <onedrive site url>/_api/web/OneDriveSharedItems?$top=100&$expand=SpItemUrl,DriveAccessToken,DriveAccessTokenV21,DriveUrl


After reviewing the result of this query, I found out that Editor field for one of the file was blank(the file was modified by external user). After modifying the file internally, the issue has been resolved.

Brilliant, will have a look tomorrow and see if that fixes it for me too. Thanks.

For anyone else coming across this, it's been opened as a global issue: