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I am a co-owner of a document library at my organization. I am editing the document in my co-worker's OneDrive, but I am not able to use the "Details" button to add info into the labeled columns. The labels are there (created by my co-worker), and I am a co-owner of the channel trying to add information for each document under those labeled columns. Why am I unable to add information for my document. Some labels include "Topic", "Revision", "Status", etc. Can I gain this ability? Thank you!


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It seems like you’re having trouble adding information to the labeled columns in a document library on OneDrive. There could be a few reasons for this:


1.Sensitivity Labels: If the labels are sensitivity labels, they need to be enabled for files in SharePoint and OneDrive1. When this feature is enabled, users can apply your sensitivity labels in Office for the web1. Until you enable this feature, these services can’t process encrypted files, which means that coauthoring, eDiscovery, data loss prevention, search, and other collaborative features won’t work for these files.


2.Retention Labels: If the labels are retention labels, you can apply them to files in SharePoint and OneDrive, either individually or collectively. You can also label non-Office files, for example a PDF document or an image file. You can also apply a label to a library or folder.


3.Permissions: When users upload labeled and encrypted files to SharePoint or OneDrive, they must have at least View usage rights to those files1. If they don’t have this minimum usage right, the upload is successful but the service doesn’t recognize the label and can’t process the file contents.




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