Document Approval process for documents added to a Folder in OneDrive

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Hi Everyone,


Need your inputs on this particular scenario.


Have a Shared Folder in OneDrive for Business.   Need to make sure that each time a Document is added to the Folder,  it activates "Document Approval Workflow" and only after approval, the document is available for others to view/modifiy(if required).


How can I achieve this with OneDrive for Business.




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I don't see how you can achieve this easily using custom features bearing in mind that ODFB is your personal sites and others can see files in your ODFB if you are sharing with them...with some programming and more clear business requirements I think you can do it...another option is to wait until Flow integration is ready for ODFB so you can evaluate what you can do with Flow

Has there been any improvement on this? I have tried using Flow with one drive for business to create an approval, but there seems no way to trigger the change of the approved status from pending to approved. 


I can only get approvals working using the classic view also as the approval status column and approve or reject menu options are not available in modern view (cut down next to useless view) this does not use flow at all.