Do I have onedrive for business and if so how much space?

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I'll try to make the questions as direct as possible - I know virtually nothing about onedrive.


1. Office 365 premium includes onedrive for business right?

2.  What is the size limit of onedrive for business?

2.  Is the size limit per user or a group.   E.g. 1 TB per user and nothing more or if we have 10 users is it a combined single shared drive of 10TB?

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1. Yes
2. 15 GB for a individual file (this limit will be increased up to 100 GB). 1 TB of storage space in ODFB
3. Per user. You cannot combine the storage of the 10 users, but yes you will have 10 TB in total
Thanks very much! Do they have a premium or different package that is for an entire company's shared files? We have a file server currently and want to explore online options.

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The question really is whether or not with OneDrive for Business a group of users can share an amount of data that is greater than 1TB.