Deoloyment Of Next Gen Sync Client

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Has anyone deployed the NGSC in an Environment that already has O365 Pro Plus Deployed with ODFB in the xml... what are you doing about removing the old client?

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We didn't remote it at all - the next get sync client takes over syncing and the old one looks like it just goes dormant.  The problem right now is that if you then go to a team site in sharepoint and click sync - then the old sync client spins up because the next get sync client doesn't do team site syncing so you will see 2 clouds.  From what I learned at Ignite is that the updated sync client by end of year will have team site syncing and hopefully the new sync client will just 'take over' the team site sync locations as well to make it seamless.  Until that new one is out I don't want to touch the old client as it may still be needed for a while.

If you have allowed Pro Plus to upgrade to 2016 then the new client is aready deployed, users just need to run OneDrive and login using their org Ids and it will replace the previous client in syncing their OneDrive.


The old client hangs around to sync shared content, the preview of the replacement was released last night and can be downloaded from

I would love an uninstaller for the groove client now that I am on the preview client.
think about SharePoint on prem. Unless there is a solution, the system could not know... we have to wait till end of year.