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Hi All,

one of my customer is facing issues with one drive folders, Now the issue is when some one deletes some folders or files from a folder, it automatically restored from some one else’s computer. They tried to delete it from online as well, but still the same issue.


Its very much sure that the files were not open in more than one computer it was used by only one person but the main folder is shared to all.


Now its showing from 1 or 2 particular users, but they have previous experience that this same happened from many users that is the file restored from different users at different time.


Kindly advise how we can resolve this.


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Your question does not indicate what environment this is happening in but the problem may have to do with which version of OneDrive or Windows your customer uses and how things are set up. Here are some basic suggestions you can test.

  1. Does your customer use the old or newest version of OneDrive? If they use the old one then I suggest you test with the new / current version of OneDrive.
  2. If that does not help - Try to do the following (in the correct order!)
    1. Disable library synchronization
    2. Delete the files locally
    3. Re-set the synchronization of the library
    4. Try deleting a file or folder again and see if the problem persists.
  3. If that does not help - Establish a ticket at Microsoft Support

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Good luck!

Regards, Magnus