delete folders with over 700000 files

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Hi Community,


I recently started using onedrive to backup our projects.


Unfortunately some of our cad software produced folders with over 700000 files in them.

I found out that these backups are impossible to restore or work with, so we decided to delete the files and upload the project as an zip archive.

Now it is impossible to delete the folders. I get throtteling errors when i try tot sync wit an external program (Syncback Pro). Just deleting them in the web interface results in an error message telling me there is a limitation: The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator


Does anyone have an idea to solve tis problem?


Regards Marco

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@Markzz because blasting of several  limitations , you should open a ticket with Microsoft, maybe they can help you

@Hans Brender  Thanks we will try again ;)