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I don't find any information about the default limit for file versioning in OneDrive for Business linked to my E3 licenses.


Is this a limit of amount of version, of time? I don't find clear documentation neither settings on the admin center to check this.


Many thanks for your help

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Hi @ThierryB .  A few years ago, Microsoft set the document library version history defaults to:


  • Versioning on
  • Versions to keep 500

You can change the number of versions, but you can go no lower than 100 versions.


This applies to both SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.


Here's a Microsoft blog post about the new minimum number of versions: New Updates to OneDrive and SharePoint Team Site Versioning - Microsoft Tech Community:


Can I disable versioning?

With these changes, the document library settings page will no longer support the ability to disable versioning or configure it to retain fewer than one hundred versions. Developer APIs, however, will still allow for setting any custom retention count and disabling versioning, however for the reasons stated above this is highly discouraged. 


Here's some Microsoft documentation:

@KellyDJones thanks but no clear reference to OneDrive on these docs.


The OneDrive docs do not show that information neither

@ThierryB - The blog post refers to both OneDrive and SharePoint changes, which are then detailed in the other links. I guess they don't refer to OneDrive by name in those detailed pages, but I think that's an oversight in the documentation because they do apply to OneDrive.

@ThierryB - You can go in and look at your OneDrive document library and verify it's 500 versions.  Keep in mind with differential sync and the way files are saved in the cloud, the space required is not 500x the original file size.  Versioning is needed for autosave and co-authoring capabilities.

Hi All


after migrating a lot of data for a customer, I can say that all the versions take all their place!


I migrated nearly 2 To data. Then after migration, I run a simple script to update creation dates on folders/files.

=> It made me a new version for all files (a lot of video/sound files), and  4 To were used.


I found later that it was possible to do an upgrade in place to avoid that (with another function).

I also had to create a script to remove useless old versions!


Note that it is always possible to allow less that 100 versions on Onedrive and Sharepoint.