Create subsite(s) in OneDrive for Business

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I was looking at creating subsite(s) in the OneDrive for Business. 

I've been successfully able to create subsite(s) in OneDrive for Business,  but I wanted to understand if this is supported approach for OneDrive for Business?


My use case is around using the Enterprise keywords and managed metadata in the OneDrive, however that is not available in OneDrive for Business. However, creating subsite in OneDrive allows both of this capabilities.


Note that SharePoint team site is the option, but that requires additional tenant storage based on the amount of data i'll need to store.


Can someone please help if they have insights/thoughts around this?


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Well, even this is a scenario supported I will avoide it since the idea of OneDrive for Business is to be used as personal storage and not for ECM scenarios

Thank you @Juan Carlos González Martín for update.

What if the data stored is function (or use case) oriented data instead users personal data?

Should this be a valid implementation then?

I'm sorry, but did Microsoft not just implement OneDrive Backup that Allows enterprise sharing of desktop files in a very Enterprise Content Management Scenario? Users can collaboratively work on desktop files with any enterprise or guest user and if the features are available on the site, there really is nothing stopping someone from implementing enterprise keywords and managed metadata on any site in the site collection. Simply because Microsoft branded the sites for simplicity and usability should not stop someone from making full use of the capabilities should it? Especially since OneDrive storage is unlimited while SharePoint storage is limited. Is anyone else seeing the advantage to this?