Crashed path to OneDrive for business document library

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Hello all,


I have a question, we have strange behavior of OneDrive for Business web page access of one of our users. When he opens OneDrive it throws some corellation ID error and there is nothing displayed.


I was checking path and configuration of his personal site document library and it seems like there is some difference in path against standard.


Standard path looks like this - https://<tenantname><username>_albert_cz/Documents/Forms/All.aspx


But his path is  - https://<tenantname><username>_albert_cz/OneDrive <username>/Forms/All.aspx


Does anybody have idea how to fix this? Is there some chance to completely reset his personal site and OneDrive for Business?


It will help me a lot.

Thank you


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Did it work before? Something changed?

What happens if you manually type the default OneDrive address with his username?

Hello @adam deltinger,

I don't know if it was working. But the trouble with displaying files is as user said for some time.


When I tried the default path it shows 404 error, so such path does not exist.




Have the user his OneDrive folder mapped on the computer (as a shared folder, not synced) vi webdav?

Hello @adam deltinger,


No, the synchronization is blocked and clients are not installed on computers. There is also conditional access turned on that does not allow to sync data on onedrive installed on personal computer.


Map a drive to the path "https://<tenantname><username>_albert_cz"..


Ensure you have the default folders in there, high chance the user has renamed the "Documents folder".


OR using the web browser go to https://<tenantname><username>_albert_cz/_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx?


Ensure you have Documents listed.